Under Pitch​-​Black Skies

by Desolation



released November 16, 2006


all rights reserved



Desolation Hannover, Germany

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Track Name: Tribe Of Light
- Tribe Of Light -

Under pitch-black skies We search for light

Hooked and chained in the flesh to the labyrinths
Willful slaves tenants of graves scorn the homeless spirit

Taste the serpent’s kiss of Judas
Promises if kept will mar your soul

My soul immortal is at stake

Our banners raised
Our god be praised
By his hand saved
The tribe of light the triumph see one day

There must be temptation / for he will not let go
There must be war / for he will not give up
Many will fall / but some at least
Will struggle on some more

My soul immortal is at stake
Far beyond my own powers to be saved

Under pitch-black skies We gather in the light

Our banners raised
Our god be praised
By his hand saved
How glorious the triumph be one day
Track Name: Erntebringer
- Erntebringer -

Die trübe Flut hat längst durchweicht
was einst im Frühjahr abgelaicht
Aus kaltem Samen sprießt nichts mehr
Die schlaffen Glieder werden schwer

Die karge Frucht fault auf dem Feld
Der Bauer zählt des Judas’ Geld

Hängt sich am krummen Baume auf
Lässt toten Dingen ihren Lauf

Sein Röcheln ist noch nicht verstummt
wenn der Erntebringer kommt

Der graue Herbst liegt auf dem Feld
Den Sommer über schlecht bestellt

Auf stein’gen Boden hat man uns gesät
Ohne die Hoffnung, dass je etwas blüht


Verrecken kann so schlimm nicht sein
Es ist ja irgendwann vorbei
Und besser heute, drauf gefasst
Als wenn’s dem Erntebringer passt

Der graue Herbst senkt sich ins Tal
Das einz’ge Licht so fern und fahl

Freu dich nicht zu früh

Der bittre Frost beisst zu
Tau auf mein Herz, die Zeit ist um,
Schlag noch ein letztes mal
Und finde deine Ruh

Der Erntebringer kommt

Die Vogelscheuche taugt nichts mehr
Die Scheunen sind längst alle leer
Verstockt fliehen wir vor dem Licht
Und manch einer erreicht es nicht

Die karge Frucht fault auf dem Feld
Der Bauer dann zur letzten Stund
Sie zitternd in den Händen hält

...wenn der Erntebringer kommt...
Track Name: Emptiness
- Emptiness -

What is it that you want to be
Tell me who you are
What is it you’re afraid of
Now that we’ve come this far?
I think that it matters
Not to me but to you
Just make sure to find out one day
Make sure that you do

And when all things else fail you
Remember my words
Find out all the answers
Trust me
I know that hurts

What if it was all worthless
Nought but lies and conceit
What else is there to cling to
When you suffer defeat

Time slowly ticks away
Whilst souls will fade to grey
And all hope must yield to sorrow spawned
At the dawn of each new day

Is man no more than this
Go touch the emptiness

What will you turn to
When despair falls gently like the rain

With a mouth full of dust
Screaming your own name
With a limp hand you thrust
A dagger home for shame

With a mouth full of dust
Mumbling your own name
By the soothing hands of time
It soon feels all the same

Time slowly ticks away
Whilst souls will fade to grey
And all hope must yield to emptiness
At the dawn of each new day

If this is what’s essentially you
Does it fulfill you at all
And what is it you’re afraid of
Now that it’s come this far?
I think that it matters
What ever you do
Just make sure to find out one day
Make sure that you do
Track Name: Spiritual Warfare
- Spiritual Warfare -

All in line unleash their fury
Upon the foe, the host of heaven will prevail
With power and the strength of faith to kill

Crush and maim and stab and kill…
Spiritual Warfare
All our hate we rain on thee, creatures of the dark
Swords of light will cleave your heads, darkness must depart
Spiritual Warfare

All our forces have been gathered
To fight what evil lurks within
Terminal clash of principalities
To cleanse this world of death and sin

Gather for attack!
Track Name: Les Fleurs Du Mal
- Les Fleurs Du Mal -

There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance,
And there’s pansies, that’s for thought
The one seems inappropriate,
The other comes to naught

There’s fennel for me and columbines
A shiver down my spine
How bittersweet such laurels seem
To such a black soul as mine

Rues and daisies make up my crown
With withered violets wrought,
A shiver down my cursed spine
By mine own conscience caught

Far from the truth
You wouldn’t believe this at all.
Forbidden fruit flavoured walls cave in.

Trust me on that
I never know when it’s enough.
I’ll never know why I did that.

Just go ahead
Switch off. Switch on. Repeat.
We’ll all go down in a blur.

Thirst-stained hands
Will never O never be clean.
The serpent smiles as I sin.

Fool everlasting
Born deprived of backbone
Faithless bastard
I declare myself unclean

I’m not so sure about myself anymore

Look not so pale – I tell you yet again
What’s done cannot be undone
Yet I do repent me of my sins
Once more it’s the foul fiend that wins

Flowers picked for our demise
Nights are pierced by midlife cries

I’m not so sure about myself anymore
The ice is thin, they say, how right they are
And here I am, I’ve put on weight, and I am
Just not so sure about myself anymore

I’m not so sure about myself anymore / I wish I knew… I wish I knew
A bunch of flowers and a room without a door
I should have known, it’s not like it never happened before

Twisting the knife slowly
Picking flowers for my own grave

I’m not so sure about myself anymore
That much I know.
Track Name: Deliverance
- Deliverance -

It seems so long to me that I / Last felt I knew where I was going
My heart’s too full of black bitterness / To catch the nearest way

With all my soul did I stray from
A path I knew would lead me where
I would find more than I could take
And have to give more than I could bear

So I gathered all those moments of no value to my soul
The night comes with a fever that I know can be controlled
No more

I lay awake, a thousand and one nights
In fear of death, and a thousand more besides
Begging for deliverance but avoiding what I know has to be done
I lay awake, a thousand and one nights
Afraid to live and strengthen my demise
Begging for deliverance but avoiding what I know has to be done

Addicted to the poison that he whispers to us all

Our trembling hands stretched forward justly to be rewarded
For our fall

Come, heal my wound, it hurts so bad / But not enough, not nearly enough

Will my despair suffice, I do not know
I cannot take it any more
Than you
Will you let me go

The voice of love, stronger by far
Than he who whispers the promise of damnation to mine ear:
You need not fear / Salvation those will taste that turn around
Unchain your heart / Deliverance is near

Please god, I can not let go

A night that shall no morrow see has come my way at last
And yet I know a streak of light in deepest night may dawn
Upon us all
Track Name: Blindfolded
- Blindfolded -

War, apocalyptic slaughter is what we’re heading for
Our moribund existence into chaos we unfold
On the eve of brutal rampage we hold our breath
Words unspoken, fatal token of our assent to death

Whilst on fields of man’s extinction our future’s spent
With cruel sarcasm Mars and Venus conceive Lent
To be born to spread frustration, seed of lies
Willingly with bloodstained hands we rock the cradle of demise

Seasons coming for the last time
Cellars plundered before dawn
Say your prayer, join the frontline
Sell your soul and serve as pawn

Called by everburning lusts, yield to which at times we must
With eyes set firmly upon the end all better judgement we transcend

Hoping for the best we draw our swords
Judge and hangman be in Justice’s rightful blindfold clothed

How’s it going to end?
Track Name: The Blood Of Sleep
- The Blood Of Sleep -

The time is nigh the storm is near
A death-knell ringing in my ear
The blood of sleep is on our hands
We turn to stone and make amends

Serpent tongues are whispering of deeds of blackest night
That spawn in deepest consequence but blood-drenched chaos and
Despair infests my voiceless prayers
As cold grey morn calls moving woods unto my sight

The time is nigh
We must decide

Double, double, toil and trouble,
Fire, burn and, cauldron, bubble

The game is over none have won
Ambition, power, all is gone
‘Tis time to say blow wind, come wrack
And die with harness on our back
Track Name: Sic Latet Gloria Mundi
- Sic Latet Gloria Mundi -

Ein stilles Grab füllt meine Brust
Und du hast nichts davon gewusst
Tu so, als wäre nichts gewesen
Hab stumm die Reste aufgelesen

Er hat sich nie bei mir beklagt
Hat nicht gejammert, nie lamentiert
Er hat rein gar nichts mehr gesagt

Mit kaltem Gruß umarmt sie mich
Verzweiflung küsst mir das Gesicht
Wir trinken Tee, wir sehn uns wieder
Durch meine toten Augenlider

Ein bittres Wort lag mir im Mund
Ich hab es irgendwo verloren
Hab mir den schönsten Sommertag
Zum Sterben auserkoren

Mit stummem Blick durchdringt sie mich
Der Regen bricht mir das Genick
Wir tun als wäre nichts gewesen
Es geht ein toter Mann durchs Leben

Das fahle Licht erleuchtet mich
Die Zeit vergeht, vergeht doch nicht
Der Glanz der Welt, ein strahlend Morgen
Liegt unter all dem Staub verborgen

Doch ach,
Nichts andres hab ich zur Substanz
Zurück zum Ursprung führt der Tanz
Und was soll einst mein’ Grabstein schmücken?
Wer wird im Winter Blümlein pflücken?

Sag, wie sollte das geschehen?
Wie soll es weitergehen?

Es spricht ein toter Mann
Mich auf der Straße an
Lächelt mir zu und fragt
Ob er mir helfen kann

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