by Desolation

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released January 1, 1996


all rights reserved



Desolation Hannover, Germany

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Track Name: Maryland
- Maryland -

maryland the fearsome twilight grips me
and night returns to its shores
like auburn dreams of autumn as i lick my open sores

nightshade whispering, tempting, foulness in my ears
breathing darkness but he lays aside my fears

withdraw from shadows and flock to the light
my conscience is screaming, his thorns inside

the words of the cursed they sting like fire
i’m too weak to deny the lies of the liar

seek for yourself the answers that you may or may not
find peace of mind, the threshold is close and the river of
time sweeps away the impure of heart and of soul


come on and lay your hand on a different path
open your heart and break with your past
the furious dreams will haunt you the darkness will strive
to never let go of your soul, struggle to survive the torment
of the forces of evil that can only be banished
in the name of god
Track Name: Engaged
- Engaged -

forever the stream of time it flows on
it turns unto us with the past and its wrath
and leaves us to paint the future with blood
the present is lost in the moment we try to hold on
and we do, we try to hold on

turn the key to the door and light will shine through
...forever the light will shine through
and take from our hands the need for the deed forever the stream it flows on

we can not hold on !

scarabaeus what do you hide in the orb of time
and why do you leave it to our bloodstained hands
to cradle the wake of tomorrow in fear
for the past is lost and the present is all but clear
we can not hold on!

lay hands on earth lay swords to rest
let moonlight eat what we detest
go paint a picture through your head
for those who sleep to time are dead

fields of scarlet morning*sunrise on a lake divine
dip your hands into the golden stream of time
flowers bloom and wither but they leave their mark
in my soul and body*and the earth is dark

engaged in the golden stream of time
Track Name: Down We Go
- Down We Go -

hiding behind a veil of shadows
circling the truth but never see
hiding behind a broken promise
all of this world is it just a dream ?
down down and down we go

descend from your throne !

the serpent crawls through all your words
into the hearts of man to crush their souls
to empty shells bow down before the crown

"into the interior: a vast subdivision, antennae of television to the meaningless sky.
in lifeproof houses they hover over the young, sop up a little of what they shut out.
only the young bring anything in, and they are not young very long..."
(w. burroughs, the naked lunch)

nature calls what can i do
leave this world or start anew
broken are my wings to fly
with shattered dreams i turn to die
the dust it weighs me down
pulls me down to the unknown...
Track Name: Mac Beth
- Mac Beth -

reflections of the sun on the fields of grief
an eagle revolves in the sky a swarm of birds´ passing by

this is my secret desire, an empire of eternal guilt
of shame of grief and despair, an empire of eternal guilt

the morrow of dreams has come the kingdom now is yours
heir of the sorrow, the raven will call you to reason

seasons falling to ashes at my call
longing for silence the arms of fall

seek for eternity

come and accept the crown of my silent throne
macbeth he is weeping tears of blood
the enemy is calling his soul to war

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